"La Taillade de Nino Ferrer", the refuge

An artist, his home.That's the simple idea that Patrick Poivre d'Arvor had and that he has been declining every summer for almost ten years.The camera interferes in the private places where Emile Zola lived., Danielle Darrieux, Joan Miró and others, including Nino Ferrer, this misunderstood singer of the last century.His house: a fortified building built in the 15th century on a hill in the Lot, near the village of Montcuq.It is in poor condition When he moved there in 1977 with his wife, Kinou, and their first son, the couple transformed it into a saving refuge for the singer, in conflict with his professional environment.

Hours of trying to forget the hurt of a success

Lover of blues and soul, Nino Ferrer suffered terribly from being identified with his hits, "the South", of course, but also this series of entertaining songs such as "Mirza", "the Cornichons", "the Téléfon", etc.Locked up, and for life, in a style of which he was perhaps not ashamed, although ...Because, when Nino Ferrer stopped doing what was expected of him, when he wanted to put what he loved in his music, the community and the public turned their backs on him.His albums, home produced, were released without anyone being interested in them.To go crazy.

He still had his family and this house, La Taillade, which his two sons and his widow show us around, followed by Dorothée Poivre d'Arvor's camera.A sublime place, with his home studio, where everything that was piled up was packed.he was passionate about his musical instruments, his vintage cars, his paintings and brushes, his books, models of ships or planes on which he could spend hours, hours trying to forget the injury of a success that will have devastated his career and his life, in the end.Even if this does not perhaps explain it, it is in La Taillade that Nino Ferrer committed suicide, on August 13, 1998.Sunday August 9 at 10:35 p.m.on France 5 A house, an artist Documentary by Dorothée Poivre d'Arvor (2020).26 min.(Available in replay on france.tv) Sophie Delassein

Posted Date: 2020-09-04

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